Elon Musk makes offer to buy Twitter – Responsive money

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Elon Musk's share in Twitter

Elon Musk was till yesterday the biggest share holder of Twitter after holding 9.2% share of Twitter. 

     Elon offered to buy the whole gaint company “Twitter Incs”, with $43 billion. Elon thoughts their should be freedom of speech. 

Elon Offered $54.20 a share in cash to buy “Twitter Incs”

Vanguard Group bought up share to 10.3% now worth $3.78 billion of Twitter & became biggest share holder of “Twitter”.

Edit Button on Twitter

Elon demands their should be edit button on Twitter to “edit past tweet”. 

Elon Rejected board seat

Elon rejected the board seat after offered by company.

Jack dorsey Statement

Former CEO & Co-founder of Twitter “Jack dordey” also stated their should be freedom for the company’s staff in his statement.

What do you think  ? How this battle will take part at last  ??

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