What is Forex Trading ? Guide to Foreign Exchange

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Selling one currency & buying another is known as Forex (Foreign Exchange).

        You gets profit, If your bought currency goes up & you sells after its hike. 

   If you lives in U.S & visited Germany. If you wants buy cheese from any stores. You have to pay Euro in German store. Here, Forex is needed to convert your currency.

  Forex Trading:- is a online platform that converts your currency in any other currency.

   Earlier, it was done by bank which takes much time & effort to get this.

History of Forex

At 6000 BC, Barter System was introduced. Here, Commodities were being exchanged between one person to another without any currency. But, That was not suitable for both parties. One can’t buy rice with exchange of horse. 

     Then gold was medium to exchange of commodities. Again, it was difficult for tribes to carry gold because it was heavy & unsafe.

      Finally, Currency note took that placed which is still we are using  conveniently in our own country.

 Forex came which made very convenience for the foreigner to buys & tours in different countries.


Is forex legit or Scam ?

You must do some research first to invest to any broker. 

 Many platform gives free demo account to trade. This should be better for learning then investing in forex trading.

It will take your time to become expert. Either you go for small amount with broker.

If your broker will be legit, That could be a game changing for you.

How to start Forex Trading ?

  1. Open a trading account with a reputed broker with a proven market record. 
  2. KYC completion is needed.
  3.  The broker will ask you to deposit the required margin to start.
  4. broker will guide you for all credentials.

Forex Trading Platform

This Forex Company says :-

“Octafx “is an experienced trading and mining community dedicated to providing the best cloud mining/forex trading experience and top-notch customer service. With our professionalism, sincerity, and efforts, we have gained trust and support Indian customers.

         We’re building mining place that will bring anyone who believes in bitcoin to join the digital crypto currency revolution. The world is moving on to this revolution at an unprecedented pace. Now is your time.”

   * Trader – said*  /……..

Start Forex Trading  

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